Sunday, 10 July 2011

Character Teams

I'm so sorry that it took me a while to post this blog. The last few weeks have been hectic and I seldom get time to be online. It's either online or asleep, and trust me it's difficult to make such a decision.

Today, I have something special for you. You know how twilight started the...hmm, what word should I use to describe it...hmm, the division of fans into teams i.e Team Jacob and Team Edward. In this blog, I will attempt to do the same for my new book, LS: The Beginning.

Lisa Morgan is the female MC of LS: The Beginning. She's a young college student and the daughter of rich parents. Lisa has only one a sibling, Calvin - her younger brother. In her spare time, Lisa loves playing with puzzles and sitting under the sun. She meets Stephen Wilson as a sophomore and they become connected in the strangest way unknown to man. Unlike Julie and Sharon, her classmates, Lisa doesn't fall for Stephen at the first instance. She already had a handsome boyfriend who was a junior at that time. Lisa has a thing for red and yellow colors. You can never find her wearing a different color. Her phone's red, her car's red; even her room has a touch of red. Strange, right? Also, she has a phobia for water; cold water to be precise. The worst thing you can ever do to her is to throw her into a swimming pool. It's a bit weird how she loves the cold weather but not cold water. Lisa loves wearing skimpy outfits, because she gets hot easily, especially during summer. Although, you won't see her dressed in a bum-short and bra to college.

Why is Emma Watson's picture there? One would ask. Well, my preferred cast for this character is no other than the girl who played the role of Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. I like facing challenges, and I want her to do so as well. I've seen an intelligent young witch side of her, and I'd like to see a different side on her next film. She'll have to be a little more romantic than she was in HP as Lisa ends up dating Stephen. Also, Lisa is an American girl from the fictional town, Sloutenville. Luckily, Emma can make her own American accent as this isn't a know city like the likes of LA, Tennessee etc.

Julie Hitchens is Stephen's course mate. She's a British blonde girl who lives alone in her parents' house in Sloutenville. Her parents seldom come over to the states, so she has the house to herself most of the time. Julie has a crush on Stephen the moment he arrives at college. Being bestfriends with Stephen's cousin and house-mate, Stacy Ford, Julie is able to get in touch with Stephen. Sadly, Stephen doesn't like her the way she likes him; even with her gorgeous features and thundering accent, she can't get him to fall for her. Although both parents are still alive, Julie loves wearing black outfits and drives her father's black convertible Mercedes.

Why Dakota Fanning? Again, it's the same reason why I chose Emma. Dakota is an amazing actress, who's stared with one of the world's best actors and actresses, including Tom Cruz, Julia Roberts etc. I would like to see her take on a more challenging and different role. Also, since Julie Hitchens is British, Dakota would have to learn how to speak like one. I believe she'll be up to the task.

Well, these are the two teams. Which of the teams would you prefer to be in, Team Julie or Team Lisa? Leave your answers below and your emails if you'd like to win a smashword coupon of the new edited version of LS: The Beginning

P.S: You don't need to enter your emails if you don't wish to participate in the giveaway.


Ottilie Weber said...

I have nominated your blog for a few awards!! :)

Kelvin O'Ralph said...

Thanks OT. Means a lot

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