Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Winners of LS: The Beginning Blog Tour

Hiya everyone,

So my first blog tour is finally over. Although, I'm yet to post the final stop on my blog, which will be a character team discussion. You know, Team this, Team that. It'll be quite interesting. So do stop by this time tomorrow and check it out. Sadly, I've been so busy with work and so there's limited time to be online. Sigh. No worries, you can always find me on twitter 24/7, thanks to my blackberry.

If you didn't participate in the blog tour. You can always check out my Blog Tour Page, and see the stops(posts) hosted during the tour. It was really a nice experience. Not so much sales. Still, I do hope for the best.

So here are the winners of the blog tour, and they'll be receiving an e-copy of LS: The Beginning via Smashwords coupon or any means of their choice. These winners will be contacted shortly with their provided email addresses.

Faith Hope and Cherrytea
Jessica(Peace Love Books)

Thanks for reading
Yours Truly

Monday, 27 June 2011

Cover design for my upcoming book

Hiya everyone,

So I recently finished the first draft of my upcoming book, LS: Deception. It's the second book in the LS series. Please do give youe opinion on this cover below. Also, my blog tour ends today. You can check the "BLOG TOUR" page on this blog, and leave your comments. I'll be doing a giveaway of one paperback version of LS: The Beginning later today. Do stop by later and enter the giveaway.


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Paperback now available

Hiya everyone,

Finally, the papeback format of my book, LS: The Beginning is now online. Since I approved it today, it would take five to seven days to be listed fully on Amazon.com However, it's on sale on Createspace for now. The hard copy looks way better than I'd expected, so please don't hesitate to grab a copy.

Curious to know how it looks? This is it?

If you're interested in getting a copy please click HERE

Many thnaks

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

First ever blog tour

Hiya everyone,

I've finally decided to create a blog tour for my new release, LS: The Beginning. It's slowly gaining readers and I'd like to keep the awareness. Since I'm fairly new to this development, blog tour I mean, I have decided to start of with a one week blog tour. Starting from 20th June 2011, the blog tour will begin and end 27th June 2011. During those days, I will be online almost every single hour of the day, and when I'm away, I'll have a notifier on my blackberry.

Please, if you're interested, leave a comment with your proposal and the date you'd like to feature during the blog tour. Also, what you'd like your feature to be about; interview, review, special post etc. Anything you want. I would be giving away two free e-copies to people on each stop(blogsite) So the owners of the blog will pick the two winners from the people who comment.

At the last day, 27th, I would do a special post on my blog and giveaway a free hardcopy of my book to one lucky winner who comments. US residents only :)

P.S: There can be more than one stop in a day

June 20th - Laura Vosika - (Blog post/Interview)
'' 21st - Veronica Massey - (Excerpt/Interview)
'' 22nd -
' 23rd - J. A. Beard (Interview)
'' 24th - Charlie Fey (Interview)
'' 25th - Eva Coppersmith - (Interview) and Shaina Richmond - (Excerpt)
'' 26th - Georgina Young-Ellis - (Character Interview)
'' 27th - Kelvin's World(Character Teams)

Thanks for reading

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Week one results

Week one of Lisa & Stephen's 500 Giveaway is over, and as promised, I would bring you the top 5 names with their points. However, if you've entered the giveaway and don't see your name, it doesn't mean you won't be a winner. As of today, there are two contestants with 6 points, and the rest have 3 points. If they competition ends like this, the two people with 6 points will be the winners, then I'll use a random picker to pick the first and second winner out of the two.

So far, I've gotten over 10 contestants, 19 extra followers and over 20 likes on Facebook. I do hope these numbers increase as time progresses. If you haven't entered the giveaway, and you'd like to, click HERE

Thanks for reading

Friday, 10 June 2011

The story behind my new release, LS: The Beginning

Hiya everyone,

I made a covenant with myself to tell the world the story behind the books I release, starting from LS: The Beginning. There's little to tell, but as a writer I'd like to expatiate. By the way, I just released a book trailer for LS: The Beginning, check it out HERE

It all started during the last few months of 2009. I wanted to write a book for the girl I loved, expressing and showing my feelings the best way I could - via writing. Now this is the funny bit. When I got to the fourth chapter of the book, I was tired and worn out of writing a romance scene on each chapter. So, it took me over a week to think about what to do with the book. Then I watched the first instalment of the Twilight Saga, and it inspired me to turn the book into a fiction one. I began creating an outline for the book. Wait a minute, I still have the paper I used to outline the book. This is it.

If you can see, I had only nineteen chapters then. But after re-writing over the years, it's now twenty-two chapters - 3 extra chapters.

Also, I changed the form of writing chapter titles. For example, the first chapter was once, "ARRIVAL". After the numerous edits, it's now "The Day I Arrived", and I did the same thing for the subsequent chapters.

I wrote the first draft of this book in 3 months. During those months, I was really stressed out. First of all, I was going to the university/college, and I had a pa rt-time job, couple with the writing everyday. It was really hectic.
Like most writers, I envisioned my book being adapted to the big screen, and this helped me in creating the scenes. There were few things I got from my life and added it onto the story. For example, when the male MC, Stephen, wishes the female MC, Lisa, a happy birthday. But because they share the same day of birth, she responds "Same to you". This is exactly what the girl I loved told me any time I wished her a happy birthday. So I added that to the book.

Getting the book ready for release wasn't an easy task. I received so many feedbacks from critiques and professionals, and so I was confused on what to change and what to keep in place. Luckily, I sailed through.

In all, I enjoyed writing this book, and I'll enjoy writing the sequel more. Oops I just spilled out. Although, there might not be any sequel. The only way to know that is to get a copy on Amazon Kindle store and read the book. Below are the various links were you can buy the book.

Thanks for reading everyone.

Sorry I'd forgotten about this little detail. As an indie author, I am my own brand, or at least I think I am. So, I decided to create my own logo. However this logo may only be found in the print version of my book, which will be available very soon. Take a look at this. By the way, I made it :)

Book trailer live

Hiya everyone,

So, I've been contemplating on where and how to start with the book trailer for LS: The Beginning. It took me a while before I decided to create the one below. I hope you all enjoy it. Please leave a comment if you like the trailer.


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A special post featuring the author of Murderson, Mark Yarwood

Title: Murderson (Have put my next book Spider Mouth on Amazon now)
Author: Mark Yarwood
Genre: Mystery and Thriller
Blurb: London and the South West of England are the hunting ground of a serial killer. The brutal killer, nicknamed The Clock, hunts young men in their thirties, kills them and turns their bodies into macabre clock faces at each crime scene.
Detective Chief Inspector Paul Webb, a tired middle aged policeman with a failed relationship still haunting him, investigates the series of murders with the help of Dr. Kirill Fedorov, a man who believes he can spot potential serial killer behaviour in children and cure it. Webb also persuades the now fully-grown Luke Wind, the only British boy that Dr. Fedorov cured and treated like a son, to help him find the killer. Fedorov convinces Luke that he should still be able to understand a serial killer's mind, but when Luke looks into himself he begins to doubt that he has been cured after all, especially when the killings begin to look personal.

Links to buy book

Give away: I will be shortly doing a giveaway of my new thriller Spider Mouth on Smashwords. Keep an eye on Twitter for details. My Twitter name is: @MarkYarwood72

What inspired you to become a writer?
Hmmm, that's a good question. I've been pretty much writing since an early age, sometimes just weird little stories, which were about my teachers and were very cheeky. Eventually I began writing my own comic book stories. I would copy drawings out of Spider Man or Superman and then make up my own stories. Years later I ended up editing, writing and drawing comic stories along side a guy called Lee Davis. We had some great, but very drunken times back then. Of course I began writing short stories, but only Because an Australian girl called Michelle lent me a book called War Crimes by Peter Carey. I read all the short stories in the book hundreds of times over and they inspired me to write my own. I put together a short story collection together called The Regretful and The Drunk. I might put it on Amazon one day, but I'm sure the stories won't stand up today
One day, when I was working for my father, I decided to write a book. I did not know how to go about it, but did it anyway. Of course, it was terrible, but I learnt some valuable lessons on that book. I read up on novel writing, wrote another book, and then another...until I'm now publishing them on Amazon Kindle.

Why would people want to read your book?
Well, they should read Murderson because it's a thriller with a difference. I've read my fair amount of thrillers, even though I have a very varied taste in books, such as Peter Carey, who I mentioned above. The thing with thrillers is they can be the same thing time after time. It's hard to be unique. I see a lot of writers now on Amazon Kindle trying and succeeding to stand out, to be different. Murderson is based on a documentary I saw about a Russian doctor that believed he could spot serial killer behaviour in children and cure it. I've never been able to find the documentary since- so if anyone has seen it, please let me know the title. I thought having a main character that has been cured or prevented from being a serial killer would be interesting. I think it works. Funny thing is, I got a bad review from one reader, who thought the whole premise was unbelievable, even though it was the only true part of the book!!

Can you relate to any of the characters and why?
That's tricky. If I say Luke, then that makes me look like a serial killer...but I'm not, honest...even though if you watch my trailer for Murderson, you can see me with a knife and gloves! I think DCI Webb is the one character I can relate too, because of his relationship problems. We've all been there and we've let it rule our lives. Happily I don't have that problem any more.

Tell your readers something personal about you?
Something personal about me? Hmmm...Okay, and this is something people will think weird. I hate shorts...and you'll never see me in a pair or flip flops! My mother used to make me wear them on holiday when I was a kid and I'd always lose them. When you're a kid, you're always running around or kicking your legs about...flip flops do not stay attached long! Oh, and I don't like football. That's always a weird one for a man to admit. Feel like I've exposed my self to the world now...not in an illegal way though.

How can one contact you?
I can be contacted through facebook, or my Murderson facebook page or through my website: www.markyarwood.co.uk and also my twitter account listed above.

Note: Spider mouth is now available on Amazon Kindle Store. Do stop by and get a copy here at Amazon

Saturday, 4 June 2011

New and exciting giveaway

Hiya everyone,

I recently created a new giveaway to launch the release of LS: The Beginning. It's called, "Lisa & Stephen's 500 Giveaway" I hope to secure over 500 followers by the end of this contest, but then again that's just a rough estimate. It all depends on the readers who are drawn to enter the contest, and like my blog.

There are exciting prizes to be won, and all you need to do is follow my blog and twitter account, which can be done by clicking thr necessary button on the right hand side of the page. No need to open a new page and navigate to twitter. Please, spread the word by letting your friends and family know about the competition, so then can enter as well. Who knows, if you don't win, they might win and you get to share the prizes - just saying :)

To join the contest, click HERE

As for my new book, it's doing pretty well. I've already got 3 good reviews on Amazon, 2 on Goodreads and 1 on Smashwords. Well, the sales aren't that good, but fingers cross :) You can find more about this book by clicking on the image on the right hand side.

Thanks for the support

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Book is released at long last

Hiya everyone,

Finally, the long anticipated fantasy novel is out. Hmm, should I say, almost-out. I uploaded it onto Amazon's platform earlier on today, and it's already posted on Amazon Kindle Store. Sorry, new update; it's now available on Amazon.

I'm so excited to see how this book does on Amazon Kindle Store. Right now, I'm marketing and promoting the book, hoping it would capture the eyes of potential customers. What other way to start off than hosting a giveaway. Yes.. I have a giveaway to host this month. I'm still gathering details, and I'll be listing the giveaway on my GIVEAWAYS page. Stop by sometime tomorrow to enter the competition. Trust me, it would be worthwhile.

For those willing to post review on this book, please you can do so in the following links:
Please, join me in the release of this great story, and help support by getting a copy for yourself, family and friends.

Much Love

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