Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Author's club

Hi everyone:
Finally, after months of contemplation, I've created a community, called Author's club. It's mainly for self-published authors, but all are welcome. You can add upload book trailers, create book blogs, exchange news in forums, chat with fellow writers etc. It's basically a facebook for writers. Since, I got the concept from Book Blogs, I decided to add their badge to my site, thereby creating extra traffic for this site. Later on, I'd add extra pages to the site, which would be about advertising self-published work, either print or ebook, or even more.

This is the site:

Also, my new novella is out on Smashwords. Do check my signature for the link.


Sunday, 23 January 2011

New Book!!!

After a few months of silence, I've finished my latest novella, Lucas Taylor: the time traveller.

Why follow the heart, when you've got a brain?
Lucas Taylor is an undergraduate at the university of Wolverhampton, UK. Although, he's studying Computer Science, he has a profound passion for writing and reading, and hopes to become an author one day. On his eighteenth birthday, Lucas is given a priceless gift - the ability to time travel. However, his journeys to the future interferes with his social life, causing him to misinterpret their meanings. During his quest for greatness, Lucas searches for the girl who can retrieve his stolen heart, since Carla Benton unknowingly refuses to give it back. He dates one girl after the other, hoping to find the right girl.
This book takes the reader through the life of the boy who could witness the future.
"In his hands, lies his future."

I'm currently looking for book reviews, before I publish it on Amazon kindle, nook, B&N etc. You don't need to be a qualified writer to review this book, readers are also welcome.

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