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A special post featuring the author of Murderson, Mark Yarwood

Title: Murderson (Have put my next book Spider Mouth on Amazon now)
Author: Mark Yarwood
Genre: Mystery and Thriller
Blurb: London and the South West of England are the hunting ground of a serial killer. The brutal killer, nicknamed The Clock, hunts young men in their thirties, kills them and turns their bodies into macabre clock faces at each crime scene.
Detective Chief Inspector Paul Webb, a tired middle aged policeman with a failed relationship still haunting him, investigates the series of murders with the help of Dr. Kirill Fedorov, a man who believes he can spot potential serial killer behaviour in children and cure it. Webb also persuades the now fully-grown Luke Wind, the only British boy that Dr. Fedorov cured and treated like a son, to help him find the killer. Fedorov convinces Luke that he should still be able to understand a serial killer's mind, but when Luke looks into himself he begins to doubt that he has been cured after all, especially when the killings begin to look personal.

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What inspired you to become a writer?
Hmmm, that's a good question. I've been pretty much writing since an early age, sometimes just weird little stories, which were about my teachers and were very cheeky. Eventually I began writing my own comic book stories. I would copy drawings out of Spider Man or Superman and then make up my own stories. Years later I ended up editing, writing and drawing comic stories along side a guy called Lee Davis. We had some great, but very drunken times back then. Of course I began writing short stories, but only Because an Australian girl called Michelle lent me a book called War Crimes by Peter Carey. I read all the short stories in the book hundreds of times over and they inspired me to write my own. I put together a short story collection together called The Regretful and The Drunk. I might put it on Amazon one day, but I'm sure the stories won't stand up today
One day, when I was working for my father, I decided to write a book. I did not know how to go about it, but did it anyway. Of course, it was terrible, but I learnt some valuable lessons on that book. I read up on novel writing, wrote another book, and then another...until I'm now publishing them on Amazon Kindle.

Why would people want to read your book?
Well, they should read Murderson because it's a thriller with a difference. I've read my fair amount of thrillers, even though I have a very varied taste in books, such as Peter Carey, who I mentioned above. The thing with thrillers is they can be the same thing time after time. It's hard to be unique. I see a lot of writers now on Amazon Kindle trying and succeeding to stand out, to be different. Murderson is based on a documentary I saw about a Russian doctor that believed he could spot serial killer behaviour in children and cure it. I've never been able to find the documentary since- so if anyone has seen it, please let me know the title. I thought having a main character that has been cured or prevented from being a serial killer would be interesting. I think it works. Funny thing is, I got a bad review from one reader, who thought the whole premise was unbelievable, even though it was the only true part of the book!!

Can you relate to any of the characters and why?
That's tricky. If I say Luke, then that makes me look like a serial killer...but I'm not, honest...even though if you watch my trailer for Murderson, you can see me with a knife and gloves! I think DCI Webb is the one character I can relate too, because of his relationship problems. We've all been there and we've let it rule our lives. Happily I don't have that problem any more.

Tell your readers something personal about you?
Something personal about me? Hmmm...Okay, and this is something people will think weird. I hate shorts...and you'll never see me in a pair or flip flops! My mother used to make me wear them on holiday when I was a kid and I'd always lose them. When you're a kid, you're always running around or kicking your legs about...flip flops do not stay attached long! Oh, and I don't like football. That's always a weird one for a man to admit. Feel like I've exposed my self to the world now...not in an illegal way though.

How can one contact you?
I can be contacted through facebook, or my Murderson facebook page or through my website: www.markyarwood.co.uk and also my twitter account listed above.

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