Saturday, 29 October 2011

Big Christmas Book Giveaway

Hiya everyone,

A friend of mine named, Wanda, is hosting this amazing Giveaway, titled, Big Christmas Book Giveaaway, and I need your support.

Read the description below and let me know if you're willing to join(Authors and Readers alike). You can send me a PM via my Blog, or send Wanda a message on Facebook: Wanda Hart. Giveaway ends on the 12th of December :)

Thank You.

Big Christmas Book Giveaway

All authors participating is donating at least two books.
One of the e books donated by each of the authors will go to the winner of the giveaway.
The second of these books will go to a randomly drawn contestant/s.
If authors should have more than two copies of e books available the same idea apply as before but the second book will then go to yet another randomly drawn contestant.
The aim:
Create an awareness of Authors and their books.
To make one lucky person very happy.
To make as many other people as happy as we can by giving them a book.

How do contestants become contestants?
Simple really. Leave a comment on this blog or on this facebook page, with your name, email and country.
The aim
Create awareness of Authors and their books

To create a sense of paying it forward on FB by giving a book as a present.
Books by authors in print which is not internationally available, will not be added to the winners books but will go to entrants in that specific country from the get go.
So in summery we will have people buying a copy of a book and giving it away as a present.
We will have one winner of overall big prize.
We will hopefully have enough authors and entrants to make sure that most if not all the entrants also get a little surprise gift.
If all the authors can make books that are free currently available even more entrants will walk away happy some with much more than only one book. These free books will be made available to all entrants including the winner.

Thanks Once Again


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