Sunday, 25 December 2011

A post on Christmas

As the title says, this post is on 'Christmas'. Why do people celebrate Christmas? What's so special about Christmas, and what's the main theme of Christmas? This post will answer all three questions.

Why do people celebrate Christmas? Christians celebrate Christmas as the birth of their savior, Jesus Christ. However, it has become more of a general tradition/festive period, even for other religions. They believe it's a season to be with one's family. That said, I agree with everyone who celebrates Christmas as the coming of Jesus Christ, and the reunion of loved ones.

What's so special about Christmas? In my own words, I believe Christmas is the most festive season of all. Why? One: it falls on the last few days of the year, which makes it unique and special. Loved ones can come together after a long year to share goals, accomplishments and setbacks. Two: It has a significant figure, which everyone loves - Santa Claus. Unlike Halloween (Pumpkin head/witches), this figure doesn't really have much of a contradicting nature. Parents of most religion, culture and ethnicity don't mind their kids sitting on Santa's lap. It's a classic tradition.

What's the main theme of Christmas? Other than coming together with loved ones to merry and celebrate, Christmas is also about 'Sacrifice'. The year has ended, what will you do to make everyone around you happy? For Christians, Jesus Christ sacrificed so much for his children. For others, Santa Claus sacrificed so much to make all the kids happy. He doesn't stay at home with his family, unlike everyone. He moves around giving out gifts and placing smiles on everyone's face. Oh, I loved this season; I feel it's a mixture of 'Valentine's day' and Halloween, considering the 'LOVE' and the use of 'COSTUMES'.

In all, this season should be a time to stay with loved ones and reflect on everything you've done, celebrate and share the love. Merry Christmas to all

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Fairday Morrow said...

I really enjoyed this post. I especially like the part where you describe what is so special about Christmas. I agree- it is a wonderful and magical time of year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year-

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