Tuesday, 31 December 2013

It's been a long year

Ah, where to begin? This year has certainly been a long one. Starting from the tragic event that led to my dear aunt's death to my relocation to my father-land for a year's program. If there's one thing I've learnt, it's never to take the little things for granted. They matter the most.

In this year, I have battled with an addiction known as 'gambling' and was at the verge of selling my precious items, until I confided in my love ones and they helped me through it. It was a difficult time, as I would earn a huge amount of money, only to lose it within a few hours of continuous betting. The main aspect of betting that affected me was knowing when to 'call it a night'. I am extremely grateful that I learned from this experience and have never gone back to it.

Another lesson learned this year was the effects of procrastination. Yeah, Yeah. We all know about the effects, but until it really affects you, trust me - you have no idea. It has held me back almost every aspect of my life; academics, writing, reading, socializing, job hunting etc. Some may say it's laziness, but I believe it's more than that. I have lost brilliant opportunities because of procrastination. This my fellow readers, will not occur again.

One good thing that happened this year was that I met a wonderful lady. She's been a source of inspiration to me during the past few months. I think I'm getting to admire her above any other lady in my life (EXCEPT MY MOM - OF COURSE)...lool...but yeah, she's special to me and I hope to learn more about her as we journey into 2014.

Lastly, I discovered that my creativity could be the downfall of me. I always have a new business idea or proposal to explore. Or I have diverse story ideas to turn into a novel. In fact, I was 'Jack of all trade - master of none.' One aspect of my life that coexisted with this phrase was impatience. I couldn't wait for things to unfold, I often moved to the next one. Whilst in the process of writing a book, I would get a business idea and suspend my book just to focus on the business. When I see the business isn't working out, I'll then return like the prodigal son to my writing. Again, this will not occur in 2014 and beyond - by his grace.

I will stick to writing, as this is what I cannot live without (apart from God). I am currently writing a project, which I believe will be a good way to reinvent myself. 2014 will be a good year for me, my loved ones, and well-wishers. May your wishes and heart desires be met as we cross over to the next year of our lives...

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