Saturday, 26 March 2011

Fast Forward: Into The Future is out


My second book has been edited and is now released on Smashwords and Amazon Kindle(very soon). It's a Sci-fi/Romance Short Story based on life of a young aspiring author called Lucas Taylor.

Before Lucas turned eighteen, he had four goals:
Finish his novel
Publish his novel
Sell his novel and most of all,
Get the girl of his dreams

It sounded pretty easy at that moment

Now the girl is leaving
His book hasn't reached the desk of a publisher
and he has the gift of time travelling, which affects his social life.

Will Lucas use his gift to turn back the hands of time, or will he sit still and watch his dreams fade?
Presently looking for book reviews, interviews and giveaways. Please, comment on this post with your email if you're interested in reviewing my book or hosting an interview with me.

Many Thanks
Kelvin O'Ralph


Nicole weaver said...

Thanks for following me, I am following back.
Nicole Weaver

Kelvin O'Ralph said...

You're welcome.

I've followed all the three blogsites.


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