Thursday, 3 March 2011


Right now things have been really tedious for me. As a second year student in the university, I have so many coursework to do, and this alone drives me insane. Then comes to my hobby - writing. It's really difficult to joggle my writing, studies, social life, and the worse - my job. i recently started a new book, but I find it difficult to create time for it. I need a divine help!!!

My novella, The Time Traveller's Decision is out on Smashwords, and still needs a bit editing. My only hope is that I'd reap the rewards of my labour someday,


Elisabeth Hirsch said...

How exciting. That's amazing you've written a novella while being in school. Very neat.

I found you from Book Blogs.

Kelvin O'Ralph said...

Thank you very much. I find it a bit stressful though. I wrote a novel, but haven't published it yet, and I'm now writing another novel, making it my third book.

By the way, I'm following your blog

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