Friday, 18 November 2011

My review on Breaking Dawn (Twilight)

Breaking Dawn is the fourth and last book in the twilight saga. It's been split to two parts, just like Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. After I read a review from a newspaper here in UK, I was looking forward to see an awful film, but I WAS WRONG. Why? I'll explain thoroughly as I go on :)

In the review I read, they stated that the film was more of a photo album and nothing more. Also, I read in another review that apart from the wedding and the baby, nothing happens. I find these all to be unfair and quite biased to be honest. Movies are not all about action and fantasy, werewolves, vampires, witches etc, though, these adds some spice to movies, but every movie has its main focal point. I believe the part one of this movie was meant to be more of drama than action(happens as the review stated).

Firstly, I love the wedding part a lot; I could watch it again and again. It was amazing. We see Bella and her father walking towards the people in the garden. Bella is shivering as she walks, literally. I could see the emotion in her eyes as she feels frightened of becoming a vampire, of getting married at 18, everything. Then as she looks up and sees Edward, everything disappears; she becomes as strong as a horse. I think Producer 'n' Director did a brilliant job in this scene. Well done. Also, as they were saying their wedding vows, I loved the song in the background(Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron and Wine) I almost cried at this point. It felt so real. Anyways, as they spoke to each other, I noticed there was no one in the background; all the guest seemed to have disappeared. Some may think this was a flaw by the producers and director, but I'm sure it wasn't. They wanted to make it look like the two couples were in their own world as they said their vows, nothing seemed to matter to them at all. I loved that. Then, there was the comedic scene with Charlie, Emmet and Renee as they gave their toast. It was hilarious.

Sadly, I can't drone about the entire movie. I'm just going to list my best scenes. Okay, I love the part where Bella was seducing Edward, but he resisted. It was quite funny, and the people at the cinema would agree to this. Then the movie got hotter as Bella became pregnant. Jacob became involved in their lives and we see Taylor Lautner performing really well in some nice scenes. The action began with the wolves and all, most fans would enjoy this. I for one, think it was okay.

Lastly, I liked the scene where Bella gives birth. It was bloody, literally. Then the baby comes out and everything seems perfect for me. I love babies. She looks so cute as Rose, Edward's sister carried her in her arms. Then the fight scene takes place, and I expected at least somebody to get hurt, but everyone seemed fine after the fight. Not a big deal though. The ending just placed the cherry on the cream as Bella became a vampire.

My Rating

If you've watched Breaking Dawn Part 1, what do you think of it and what rating would you give it? Leave your comments below :)


Fairday Morrow said...

I agree with you that the movie was 4/5 stars. I liked the movie and thought that there were many great scenes. I didn't love when the wolves were communicating- but it is part of the book, it just seemed a little weird to me. I think the movie ended in a good place.

Interesting review.

Kelvin O'Ralph said...

Yeah, you're right. I didn't really enjoy that aspect, but again as you stated, it was part of the book :) Thanks for leaving a comment behind

Michelle Hughes said...

I was absolutely fascinated with Breaking Dawn part 1 and strangely enough it was more because of the comedy laced throughout! I've been a huge fan of the book series and they stayed very close to the book which is a huge plus in my opinion!

Kelvin O'Ralph said...

I loved the comedy as well, Michelle. Charlie was hilarious. It's a really good movie :)

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