Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Now free on Smashwords

The Enchanted Book
From now till the end of the year, my romantic/comedy novella, 'The Enchanted Book' is free on Smashwords. Anyone who loves a short read and wants to veg out between massive series, will love this book. The Enchanted Book is a humorous look at the original Cinderella story, but in a male's  POV and with a twist.

Blurb: Jimmy Evans has less than a year left to graduate from high school and move into his dream college, but relies on his stepfather's support to achieve his dream.
In his struggle to enter college, he comes across a special book, and a gorgeous girl. These two are linked in a way even young Jimmy doesn't know, until he finds himself in need of both of them.

Cover art: Hannah Sher
Manipulated by Kelvin O'Ralph

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