Tuesday, 9 October 2012

First and Second Book Revised

Hello everyone,

I gave an editor the first two books in my paranormal trilogy, to help polish and critique it. She pointed out so many little issues I'd overlooked and helped a lot with the construction of the plot. She is currently waiting to edit the third novel in the series.  Meanwhile, I've released the first two books now on both Amazon and Smashwords. The first book, LS: The Beginning is for FREE. Yes, I'm making it free to the world. It took a while to get it all together, but now I'm happy to show it to the world. Have a go at it and I promise you'd come back for more.

And there's more...

I have reduced the price of the second book, LS: Deception, from $1.99 to $0.99. I want to test out a new method of marketing and promotion. I hope you check them out, and share them to your friends and family. The final book, LS: The Final Battle will be out by December. If you'd like to know what eventually happens to Lisa and Stephen, I suggest you get a copy of the book once its out.

For now, I'd like to say goodbye and thanks to everyone who has supported me and my novels. I hope to become more active with my blog and upload post regularly.

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