Tuesday, 31 May 2011

C for Cinema

So sorry it has been a while I filled you in on my personal life and interests. It is because I have preparing to release the first book of my fantasy series, LS: the beginning. Oh, I did it again. I can't write a single line without added this book to it. That's how much I am so excited about the release. I know it may not be all that, but come on it was written by ME. That surely is a pass mark. Haha. Just kidding. So back to the topic of the day. Could you believe I woke up this early morning (3am) to be exact, to write this blog post. When I thought of the letter C, the second thing that popped in my head was Cinema. Why second? Well, because the first was Church, and I didn't want to drone all about the benefits of church and sound too bias. There are so many religions in the world, and I like the idea of equality and diversity.

To remind you all who didn't read my last "LETTERS POST" click on this LINK. Hint: it's on the football club Barcelona. Okay so now, why did I choose to write about Cinema as an interest field? In my own opinion, I feel this is the best place to watch a movie. Even with the increasing HD flat screens, blue rays, and even 3D, the cinema is still epic. It's huge screen and well built rooms plus its sound system, helps deliver the perfect movie experience. I have been going to watch movies at the cinema ever since I was a kid, and till now, I watch all my favorite films at the cinema. Although, I missed "Just Go With It", but hey you can get all you want. You've got to loose few and win many :)

Also, the cinema I always go to is called "Cineworld". I'm not really sure people outside the United Kingdom has heard of it, but yeah, now you have. There's something really nice about this brand of cinema, they offer with is called an unlimited card to customers who are willing to pay £14.99 a month via direct debit. This card allows these customers to watch UNLIMITED films during this month, hence reducing the considerable amount of money spent to go to the movies every week. However, I believe it's for over 18s alone, not sure though. Also, they have different kind of tickets like most cinemas i.e. family, student, senior, child etc.

Sadly, I haven't taken a picture of my current Cinema, but I'll do so and add it to this post as soon as possible. The problem is, I hardly take photos of places, but all that is about to change thanks to you all. This right HERE is the link to cineworld.

So I have told you what I like about the cinema, and which cinema I go to. Now it's your turn. Do you like going to the cinema to watch your favorite blockbusters? If yes, what's your reason?

Very recently I was seated in the living room watching an episode of Friends(the one with Jennifer Aniston). So a childhood friend of mine entered the room, and shook her head as she caught me watching the episode.
Friend: I can't believe you still watch this old television series.
Kelvin: Wow, that's true. I can't believe we are still friends...haha

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