Wednesday, 25 May 2011

5 Star Review for my upcoming book

LS The Beginning Review

LS The Begining Review

LS The Begining is a powerful story about young man, who, upon coming to America, learns his parents have bought him gifts: a house, a fararie, and over a million dollars. But these are not the only gifts he has unexpectently recieved.

He has also been given the gift of power. A power in which he can freeze anything he chooses to freeze. He shares his gift with a beautiful young woman, who also has recieved a gift of her own. A gift that reflects off of his own. The gift of fire.

Now, the two of them must learn why they have been bestowed with such powerful gifts.

I found myself drawn in with this story, back to a time, with the characters, when I knew rhe same up and down emotions of high school, and all the feelings that come with this time in each of our lives when we are experiencing a kelidoscope of emotions, and learning what defines our life as our own.

The two young people are drawn down a path, where the must, not only define thmselves and their future, but how their powers fit in this future as they are tumbled, head long, into a spectacular adventure.

I give, LS The Begining five stars, and highly recomemend reading it
Lenore Wolfe - Source


bazmaz said...

Good review Kelvin - followed your blog too


Kelvin O'Ralph said...

Hey Barry, I've followed yours as well

Mysteriousrose said...

Very good review and the book really sounds intriguing.

I saw your post on book blogs.
I would love to read and review it.
Is your book available in print form? I don't have an E-reader so it takes me more time to read on the computer.

Have a wonderful day.

I'm a follower.



Kelvin O'Ralph said...

Thanks. I'm following yours as well. Sadly, there's no hard copy of my book yet. Hopefully, I'll get some from createspace, but till then I'm giving out e-copies for now.

Sammie Spencer said...

Yay - what a wonderful review! On my TBR list for sure...<3 I'm very happy for you!

Kelvin O'Ralph said...

Aw, thanks Sammie. Means a lot to me. I hope you enjoy this book as well.

C.C.Cole said...

OK. I totally love that book cover. It rocks big time.

Kelvin O'Ralph said...

Aw, thanks C.C. Appreciate it. I hope people readers would say the same :)

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