Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Continuation of Harry Potter Review

Okay. So where did I stop? Oh, yes; when Ron got injured due to the dangerous escapade the three friends had ventured. If you haven't read the first bit of this review and want to read it, just click here.

The three friends end up leaving in the woods, but thanks to Hermione's special bag they had all they needed to survive. To be honest, at this stage of the film. I became a bit bored. They kept moving from one place to the another figuring how to break the Horcrux they'd collected from Ombrigde. During this time, Harry and Hermione became closer due to Ron's lack of health, and so he became envious and one night he decided to attack Harry - verbally. Ron ends up leaving his best friends.

For the next few days, Hermione is really sad. She misses Ron every second and knows that he'd never find them again due to the protective spell they'd cast. Okay here comes the funniest scene in the movie. Harry tries to make Hermione smile; he dances with her for a while till she grinned. I liked the background music, plus the funny dance steps they made.

Harry and Hermione make a decision to visit Godric's Hallow, which turned out to be a stupid decision. Harry breaks his wand, trying to fight Voldermort's snake, Nagini. This causes Harry to collect Hermione's wand during his watch. Then one day, he notices a patronus stag, which leads him to the Gryffindor's sword.

I really don't want to rant much about the entire film. I'll end this review with the last few scenes of the movie. The fight scene between Bellatrix, the Malfoys and three friends was really amazing. I enjoyed every bit of it. I love Dobby the house-elf. Wouldn't mind a friend like him. He was loyal till his very death. The lady sitting beside me cried when he died. I wanted to laugh about it, but endured the comedic torture.

Overall, I enjoyed part of the film. It's now released on Blue Ray and DVD. I just got one the other day, and I recommend it to all the Fantasy/HP fans. I can't wait till the second part is released on July 11 2011. Till then, but for now, have a lovely day.

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