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A special post featuring the author of Volition, Shawn Maravel

Title: Volition (Book #1)
Author: Shawn Kirsten Maravel
Genre: Young Adult, Literary Fiction


Charlotte Rush would be the first to admit that her life is no rollercoaster ride. Her days are laced with ordinary and at times completely boring monotony. But with a heart that finds itself frequently broken she's happy to say that she's content.

When her friends convince her to spend the night out at a club to let loose and maybe even find a guy, she finally admits that her life might be missing something.

No sooner does she let go of her inhibitions does she find herself waking up in a dark hotel room in the presence of a man who carries mystery in his eyes and familiarity in his smile. Against reason Charlotte decides to trust him based solely on one thing. Somehow, she is sure that she knows him.

In a race against time to find answers and to solve the crime committed against her Charlotte finds herself falling for him. However, with nothing but mystery surrounding him she can't even be sure that he's the hero at all. While knowing all of the right things to say he still manages to tell her nothing. As a battle is waged over the innocence of her cryptic stranger, Charlotte discovers that much greater danger awaits her.

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Author Bio:

Shawn Maravel grew up in Bethlehem township, New Jersey. She has a twin sister and two younger sisters.

Shawn attended Voorhees High School where she met her husband David and participated in track, and took Autobody and Sports Medicine Polytech classes in addition to her regular studies. She attended Raritan Valley Community College after high school where her major was marketing. When her husband, then boyfriend, joined the Army in 2008 she later joined him in Katterbach, Germany where he was stationed soon after they were married . In Germany she took classes with the University of Maryland University College as an English major.

Shawn started writing seriously during the time that her husband attended bootcamp but she really began to take it seriously once he deployed to Iraq in 2009. Writing had started out as a way for her to cope with the long periods of time that they spent apart but slowly took on a life of its own, becoming something she did for herself.

She is currently living in Katterbach, Germany with her husband David, Rottweiler Nahla, and little-crazy-ninja-cat Sookie. Her interests include reading, writing, snowboarding, long walks with her husband and faithful canine, and watching movies.


What inspired you to become a writer?

As a kid I always enjoyed writing, though I never enjoyed my English classes. But I didn't take it seriously until recently. When my husband joined the Army in 2008 I began reading books regularly and soon after started to dabble in writing them. At the time I was still finding my “voice” and was finding my way around the technical aspects of it. When my husband deployed to Iraq for a year from 2009-2010 I wrote Volition and its Sequel Severance which will be published shortly. For me, writing started off as an outlet to cope with my husband being gone for long periods of time, it quickly became something I loved and did for myself.

Why should people read your book?

People should read Volition and Severance because I really put my heart into the story and without heart a book can sometimes be unrelatable. Volition and Severance, I feel, are relatable, compelling, and I think that the story has a good message. And the love story, dare I say it, is inspiring.

Can you relate to any of the characters and why?

I can definitely relate to Charlotte, the main Character. She’s trying to trust her heart while everyone else is telling her otherwise. I’ve been told to do and not to do a lot of things in my life and I’ve always followed my heart. I have yet to find that it’s lead me astray. I hope that how Charlotte lives her life proves to give the same message.

Tell your readers something personal about you?

I am a passionate person in every aspect of my life. Once I decide to do something or not to do something; that’s that. It’s that personality trait that is the reason I never picked up drinking or drugs. It’s that passion that drove me towards my husband and high school sweetheart. I’m the kind of person who knows what she wants and is willing to fight for it.

How can one contact you?

I prefer to be contacted through my Good Reads page or facebook page:

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Coreena McBurnie said...

Sounds like an intriguing book. Thank you for the interview. Your passion sure comes through in the book description!

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