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Limitless.... my review

Released on March 18, 2011, Limitless is a thriller packed movie, starring Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Abbie Cornish amongst others.

When I first watched the trailer of the movie, I was amazed. The marketers did a very good job on that - kudos. However, what intrigued me about the movie was its actor. I have this problem with new faces. Before I go to watch a movie in the cinema, the first thing I look for is the main actor in the movie. This is why till date I haven't watched King Speech. I really don't understand why people love it. If you notice, in trailers/adverts they always refer the actor back to his famous movie. For example, Bradley Cooper from the famous Hang Over. This tells the customers what to expect. That aside, let me shed some light on Limitless.

Very good choice of main character. I mean Bradley Cooper was the right candidate for him. I feel like the role wouldn't have fitted anyone else, but who knows. My second candidate for the role would be Ryan Reynolds. He too would make a good Eddie Morra. So as I said, I love seeing known stars in a film and that alone made me watch the movie.

With what I hear, I believe the story plot is a bit different to the book, The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn. Frankly, I haven't read the book, so who cares, at least they referenced the author in the movie. Back to the plot, it was really nice. I mean really nice. It started from Eddie attempting suicide and then rewound back to how everything started. That was a good way to begin the movie. It kept me wondering why he wanted to kill himself after I'd heard the drugs made him invincible.

As I watched the first few scenes of the movie, I felt a bit comforted as a writer. His room and apartment was in a mess, but as he began taking NZT, he released being dirty wasn't healthy and sensible. That made me wake up. I came home after that movie and cleaned my room thoroughly(lol). So in a way, the movie had a bit of moral lesson.

When I got to the scene where Eddie stopped taking the pills and grew sick, I became curious to know what would happen to him. Of course I knew he wouldn't die; thanks to the beginning, but still I was curious. In my own opinion, I didn't really like the choice of character they'd chosen to act his ex-wife. I know she was ill, but come on. Then the police incident arose and I was wondering, okay would he think his way out of it? Fortunately, he did but entered into a bigger mess, as his attorney stole the NZTs.

In every movie/book there needs to be at least one climax where the MC is hooked with a huge decision to make or something of that sort. Anyway in this movie, the suicide part was the climax. I was sitting at the edge of my seat, smiling as the spirit of suspense over took me. Finally, he did the most disgusting and yet smart thing of all, which was to drink the blood of the other guy. Come to think of it, I would have done the same or even worse in that situation(LOL).

For me. the best part of the movie was at the ending. Eddie Morra wasn't on the drugs anymore. I mean, that was awesome. It nailed the cross right on the head. Nice job. i really loved it.

Okay. All done. There were some funny moments in the film. For example, when Eddie told his bodyguards to dress in different colours of suit because they weren't in the Matrix. That was really funny, or maybe it was how he said it. Again, choice of character.

What I picked out of this movie was that even though one takes the NZT doesn't mean he/she would be invincible. Eddie Morra was the only successful person who took it and remained healthy to tell the tale. In life, we shouldn't do things because of others because what works for you might not work for the other guy.

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommendation: Everyone....Really nice movie

Wow, that was a really long one. if you liked it please comment below. If you didn't, still leave a comment explaining why. Remember, all these are my opinions.

Thank you.


By Sharon Nelson said...

Hi Kevin, Thanks for following my blog I enjoyed your review. I just saw this movie on Friday and while I enjoyed it it was not what I had been expecting. Also I saw the post below this one about your review congrats, reviews are always nerve-wracking. :)

Kelvin O'Ralph said...

You're welcome Sharon. How's marketing your book going for you? If you need anything, feel free to drop me a message.

R.M. said...

Actaully, Eddie was still on the drugs at the end of the movie. He was taking them as injections now. The drugs were enhanced so he didn't develop the side effects anymore.

But that's a good review of the movie. The only thing that unnerved me was the ice skating scene... Absolutely dumb x_x

Kelvin O'Ralph said...

Hmm, not quite. Eddie didn't use the pills any more. I have watched the movie over four times...lmao...The ice skating bit wasn't really necessary but hey, they have to make mistakes cuz they're human.

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